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Every so often I like to take the tone down slightly and go for a fun, relaxing 5 top tips on a Tuesday post. We all need something to giggle and relate to right? One that doesn’t have us questioning and reflecting in depth on our lives? Good, not just me then!

I had a few ‘grown up’ moments this weekend (cough cough major hangover) that had me thinking about being an adult and how much it sucks. But also on the other hand, how awesome it actually is.

So for this weeks 5 top tips, I bring to you, 5 reasons being an adult sucks… but on the other hand 5 reasons it is also pretty awesome too.

5 reasons being an adult sucks


My Saturday was a bust. I literally could do nothing. I didn’t even drink that much the night before, heck 10 years ago that would have been my pre-night out drinks. But I just have to learn, I simply cannot do it anymore. Long gone are the days of no hangover. Long gone are the days of having a free day to spend in bed because of a hangover. Listen up future Jen, you just ain’t got time for that.

Forgetting about fun

How often do you put ‘adulting’ before fun? Skipping out on a fun night because you have to send emails, clean the house, do the washing. We also forget how the simple things in life can give us so much joy – going to the play park and having fun on the swings, staying up to watch the sun rise, having a slumber party. Let’s stop putting fun at the end of our to do list.

Pressures of society

Are you married? Good. Do you have children? Oh. Yup the pressures of society are always upon us. Don’t have a boyfriend/ girlfriend! Why not? Why hasn’t your partner asked you to marry them? When are you going to have kids? Are you going to give your child a sibling? It never ends. And don’t get me started on the ‘renting or buying’? The problem is when we start listening to those pressures and putting expectations on ourselves. Do what makes you happy.

Watching fashion repeat itself

The 90’s are back with a bang. And nothing makes you feel older than seeing teens wearing clothes that you would have done at their age. Can we still wear those clothes? Is it right to wear them as an adult? Constant questions.

Having no one to blame but yourself

See said paragraph above re hangover… 🙁

Yup we have to realise that as a whole, we have no one to blame for our choices but ourselves. Sometimes this can be very empowering and sometimes we just want someone else to blame. ‘Sorry I can’t come out tonight, my Mum won’t let me’. Sounds so much better than ‘Yeah, can’t come tonight, just want to eat junk and binge watch Netflix’.

However… 5 reasons being an adult is pretty awesome

Buying weird crap without justification

We have money to spend on what we want. We don’t need to justify this to anyone. So if I want to spend all my extra money this week on coffees then bring ’em on. And if I just must have those pretty looking salad spoons then so be it!

Realising you know how to put said new fashions together because you have already done it before

Decided you want to rock the 90’s look again? Good for you! And it will be a breeze because you already know how to do it. Bring on the choker!


The world is your oyster! Go out and live it, taste it, feel it! I didn’t travel much as a kid/ teen or in my early twenties (just within the UK and the odd trip to Europe). When I got older I had a desire to see more. Seeing and experiencing how other people in the world live is so incredible. Even life here in Australia is so different to Scotland (beyond the weather).


Being an adult means you can be a bit more confident in your choices. The reason? Experience. You no longer are the new kid on the block and that’s a good thing! Remember how scary that was? Knowing who you are and what you can achieve, based on your experience, allows you to have the empowerment you need to set your sail out into the world. (It can also be a hindrance… but that’s a topic for another day).

You’re da boss

And last but not least. YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS. Do what makes you happy. Make the choices you want to make. And live life as the adult you always wanted to be.


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