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How to Enjoy a Comfortable Shower Experience #5TTT

How to Enjoy a Comfortable Shower Experience #5TTT

Nothing is more important than having a long, luxurious, comfortable shower at the end of a stressful day. The comfortable bath experience will help relieve your mind of stress and rejuvenate your body strength. Nonetheless, not all the bathes are comfortable and luxurious, as you might find some bath processes straining and stressful.

Having a proper bathroom environment and appropriate bathroom equipment, such as a shower faucet set(duscharmatur) or scrubbers, can enhance the experience. Let’s look for the best ways to enjoy a comfortable shower experience.

1. Having a proper dry brushing exercise

Dry brushing is one of the practices that’ll help enhance your bath experience as it helps provide the appropriate detoxing massage technique. It’s a common practice among most individuals because it helps eliminate cellulite, inflammation, and dead skin cells. Start with your feet and legs before proceeding to your arms. After achieving this practice, you’ll be feeling super soft and exfoliated before proceeding into the full-body shower.

2. Use a shower melt

Most people have commonly used bath bombs for their showers, but the shower melt will work extremely well. It provides the appropriate way to feel more pampered quickly while showering. Have it by your shower drain, and as the water runs down your body, the melt feels your shower with the relaxing eucalyptus steam, enhancing your experience. Being non-toxic, it provides the perfect way to clear up sinuses after a long tiring day.

3. Using the duscharmatur

Including moderne duscharmatur in your bathroom is one of the best ways to ensure you get the best shower experience. Gone are days when individuals could be struggling to ensure water to get water to the body due to the older shower tubs. Replacing the older shower tubs with suitable faucet sets will be appropriate for your bathroom needs. Depending on the style or finishes you choose, they provide the most appropriate shower options to enhance your shower experience than your older shower.

 Shower Experience

4. Choose the right soap

Choosing the right soap will be the perfect way to ensure you get the best experience when bathing. It’ll be good to choose a gentle hydrating soap for your bath. After washing and soaking the skin in the soap, you’ll have to rinse the soap away. After proper rinsing of the soap from your body, it leaves your skin squeaky clean. It’ll be essential to avoid soaps that might lead to allergic reactions.

5. Have an appropriate SPA music

Music helps you have better experiences when having most of your activities in the home; bathing is not different. You can choose appropriate SPA music to play in the bathroom while …

5 Tips to Pay Attention to When Exercising in the Gym #5TTT

5 Tips to Pay Attention to When Exercising in the Gym #5TTT

The best reward you could ever give your body is a few minutes of exercise every day. It is not only healthy but also quite refreshing when you eventually get a grip of It. However, It is not just about body exercises and lifting weights. You need to pay attention to some things for an effective and safe workout in the gym.

Let’s take a look at 5 valuable tips you need to focus on when exercising in the gym;

1. Pay attention to your breathing

Most gym trainers will tell you to breathe, but they may not necessarily show you how. “Breath normally.” It may not be that helpful as you do not notice you are breathing correctly until there is a change. One common mistake most of us have made severally is holding our breaths. You need to remember that each breath of oxygen is critical for the body’s performance. A CXSBands apple sports watch would come in handy to help you track your breathing and heart rate, among other body functions.

It is fundamental to stay aware and train your breathing while in the gym. Essentially, your breathing should remain synchronous with the rest of your body. This means you should breathe from your diaphragm. The easiest way to ensure that you are breathing right is by placing your hand on your belly. Ideally, as you inhale, your tummy should expand and contract as you exhale. With that in check, ensure that you control your breathing throughout all your exercises. Breath control involves breathing through the nose for the most part and through the mouth whenever you are trying to regulate the breathing rate.

2. Maintain the right posture

A lousy posture may defeat every reason for going to the gym, leading to ineffective exercising or even injury. It could potentially wear or even tear on your ligaments, causing more harm than good. Ensure that you fix your posture appropriately. On the other hand, good posture improves the body’s functionality, minimizing muscle strain that could result in injury. Therefore, it is critical to adjust your form with a change in the exercise or weights to avoid being sidelined.

However, before you get into any workout, be sensitive to your body and be mindful of how you feel. Along with that, take the time to learn the correct alignment of your body, as It will help you adjust accordingly. Take note that any pain during an exercise could be a red flag indicating wrong form or posture.



3. Be comfortable

Whether It is clothes, shoes, or other workout accessories, you need to stay comfortable. When It comes …

5 tips to note when running in winter #5TTT

5 tips to note when running in winter #5TTT

This time of year is one that all runners look forward to. It’s the beginning of fall, which means that winter isn’t too far away. Winter weather presents challenges for even the best outdoor runner. The biggest among them being cold weather.

Keeping safe during your run in cold weather is quite simple once you have the right gear and know-how to run with the cold.

running in winter


Proper winter dressing


When we run in winter, we lose more moisture through our extremities than we do in summer, making them more susceptible to cold damage. It is important that we not only cover every part of our bodies in winter but that each layer provides insulation without restricting or irritating the skin.

Some tips for clothing:


  • Wear moisture-wicking fabrics that help your skin release sweat and stay dry.
  • Wear a base layer that wicks sweat away from your skin before you get too sweaty.
  • Wear an insulating layer that will trap warm air close to your body.
  • Wear an outer, windproof (and insulated) shell on top of the other layers to prevent wind chill and minimize water absorption.

The most important thing is to keep warm and dry. This means you should avoid thin or flimsy clothing. After all, staying warm and dry will help maintain your body temperature so you can run for longer. As such, it’s best to opt for clothes that are made of a thicker material like the green bomber jacket mens.


Stay hydrated


Running in winter means you still have to keep up with the regular things, like drinking water. Whether it’s below or above freezing, drink at least 16oz of fluid per hour while running to stay hydrated – just don’t try to down it too quickly as this could lead to feeling unwell.


Ideal running shoes


Sports shoes are the next essential item to consider when buying clothes for running in winter. Sports shoes must be made of material that is waterproof (or at least water-resistant) because you don’t want water seeping into the shoe and soaking your toes. This will make your run uncomfortable and potentially dangerous as you risk developing blisters or even frostbite.

Also, sports shoes should be able to drain any water that comes into the shoe – again, this is for comfort and safety reasons. Sports shoes should also have a suitable grip so you don’t slip over on ice or snow.


keep your hands head and feet warm


Another key tip for staying safe when running in the winter is to take care of your extremities. Your hands and …



Hi all,

Every so often I like to take the tone down slightly and go for a fun, relaxing 5 top tips on a Tuesday post. We all need something to giggle and relate to right? One that doesn’t have us questioning and reflecting in depth on our lives? Good, not just me then!

I had a few ‘grown up’ moments this weekend (cough cough major hangover) that had me thinking about being an adult and how much it sucks. But also on the other hand, how awesome it actually is.

So for this weeks 5 top tips, I bring to you, 5 reasons being an adult sucks… but on the other hand 5 reasons it is also pretty awesome too.

5 reasons being an adult sucks


My Saturday was a bust. I literally could do nothing. I didn’t even drink that much the night before, heck 10 years ago that would have been my pre-night out drinks. But I just have to learn, I simply cannot do it anymore. Long gone are the days of no hangover. Long gone are the days of having a free day to spend in bed because of a hangover. Listen up future Jen, you just ain’t got time for that.

Forgetting about fun

How often do you put ‘adulting’ before fun? Skipping out on a fun night because you have to send emails, clean the house, do the washing. We also forget how the simple things in life can give us so much joy – going to the play park and having fun on the swings, staying up to watch the sun rise, having a slumber party. Let’s stop putting fun at the end of our to do list.

Pressures of society

Are you married? Good. Do you have children? Oh. Yup the pressures of society are always upon us. Don’t have a boyfriend/ girlfriend! Why not? Why hasn’t your partner asked you to marry them? When are you going to have kids? Are you going to give your child a sibling? It never ends. And don’t get me started on the ‘renting or buying’? The problem is when we start listening to those pressures and putting expectations on ourselves. Do what makes you happy.

Watching fashion repeat itself

The 90’s are back with a bang. And nothing makes you feel older than seeing teens wearing clothes that you would have done at their age. Can we still wear those clothes? Is it right to wear them as an adult? Constant questions.

Having no one to blame but yourself

See said paragraph above re hangover… 🙁

Yup we have to realise that …



Hi all,

You are your own worst enemy.

It’s a line that I write over and over again. Its truth never ceases to end…

We can all cite many reasons as to why we are not doing what we want to do this exact second. Money, time, energy, opportunity, circumstance etc I could list for days. But have you actually debated as to whether or not you are the reason for holding yourself back? Are you your own blockade?

Some say we hold ourselves back because we are afraid of succeeding. But I know from my own personal experience that success doesn’t even come into my head when I hold myself back from entering new territory. When you are frozen by your own hand the easy option is to continue being cold.

For this weeks 5 Top Tips on a Tuesday I am going to delve into why we intentionally hold ourselves back. From your career to relationships, hobbies and health, reflect on the questions and information below so we can remove your own personal blockade in life.



Do you remember when you were young and you had a hobby or interest that you just loved and took so much pleasure from? But you actually ditched the interest because others thought it was uncool or stupid? We always felt like we were being judged by our peers when we were younger and what others thought of us meant the world. But time has passed. You are now a grown up. Why do you still allow that fear of judgement to stop you from doing something you love? Do you really care nowadays what other people think? We are all different. We all like different things. Don’t allow the judgement from others to rule and dictate your life. Be you, be loud and be proud.

Fear of change

Change is scary. Always has been, always will be. But your dreams and goals are achieved through change. Don’t hold yourself back because you are afraid of what the future may hold if you change the status quo. No one knows what it will hold. Maybe that change will be just what you need.

Unwillingness to be seen

So let me use myself as an example here. I love what I do. I love to write. According to every single personality test out there I am an extrovert. Yet I find it hard to talk about myself. I put up walls to protect myself from being hurt by others. I find it difficult to trust. I find it hard to really describe and talk about what I do. So I don’t. …



Hi all,

This has been a post that I have wanted to write for a while now. It may sound really abrupt, hard on myself, actually it’s downright bullying (me on me).

I’m a loser.

In my core I’m a very competitive person. I want to win. I want to be the best. I want to come out on top. I take pride and value on working hard and winning. I thrive from it.

But to tell you the truth, I very rarely win. I did well in school and university, but was by no means the best and never got the top grades. I moved into a job where I strived a lot more than I should have just to feel the sense of doing more and being more… but it never led to more. I created this blog and I fell into an even bigger hole of feeling like I was constantly losing.

Then I started CrossFit.

I realised that I was never going to win at this sport. I was never going to come first in the class, I was never going to lift the heaviest or pull a skilled move out of the bag that others couldn’t. I can’t ever win at this one – my body just isn’t able. But I love the sport. Something had to change. I needed to quit or really look at how I view myself in terms of winning, losing and competing. Otherwise I was never going to be happy. And I ain’t no quitter.

So what has happened in the past four years since I placed that ultimatum upon myself? I’m still doing the sport, but I am a lot happier in how I view myself – both inside and outside of the gym. I worked out ways on how to change my mind set around feeling like a loser if I didn’t win. And today I want to share them all with you. No one should feel this way.


Defining what a winner is

This was the biggest question for me – what is the definition of a winner? Coming first/ on top every time? Really?

Winning is so much more than getting that gold star. Winning means learning lessons. Winning means trying something new. Winning means doing what you can when you can. Winning sometimes means having a shower and getting dressed when you feel like all you want to do is curl back into bed and hide from the world. We win every day, we just don’t always have to compete against others to do so.

Defining what a loser is.

Someone who didn’t win right? …