Month: September 2021



Hi all,

Blogging, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat etc etc. Being a part of todays modern world means having 24/7 access to these websites and platforms. We see smiling faces, delicious food, read interesting stories but more often than not we read, look and as a result have opinions.

‘I wouldn’t do it that way’

‘No way would I try that’

‘That’s too much effort…’

‘That’s not enough effort!’

Some take their opinions to the extreme (trolls), some don’t go so far but instead make snarky comments. Others keep their opinions to themselves (thank you!) but it doesn’t stop us from feeling the way we feel. I’m not perfect. I don’t read blogs and look at pictures on Instagram and believe everyone is doing or saying the right thing. I disagree all the time and, like everyone, I let certain things really get to me. But I always reflect back – why do I feel this way? Then I give myself some compassion and the author and poster of said blog/ picture some kindness.

Let’s dive into that a bit more for this weeks 5 top tips on a Tuesday – self-compassion and giving kindness online.



Reflecting back on why something makes you feel a certain way is important. We do it all the time in our day to day life but we somehow forget to do it when it comes to our online life. This person was not writing or posting directly to you, why have you taken it so personally? Does it expose some insecurities you have about yourself? Get to the bottom of why you feel this way.


We are human. We are going to compare our lives and have different opinions. We are going to feel jealous, frustrated and hurt by what some people post. Some are pushing the boundaries trying to hit your buttons and you are falling right for the trap. But in these moments show yourself some compassion. So you see someone with the ‘ideal body’, who does 4 hours of cardio per day. You have reflected back and realised that this picture makes you feel insecure about your own body but also makes you angry at the message he/she is promoting. Be compassionate. You are human. This will happen. It’s what you do next that counts.


Let’s carry on with the example above. You are feeling insecure and angry about that photo. You can do one of 3 things. 1) Leave an angry comment about how you disagree with their message 2) Walk away and stew for the next few hours letting it affect you. Or 3) Show them kindness.

Many …



Hi all,

I write this as I still recover from one of the modern worlds hidden gems… jetlag.

Ever flown East before? Dramatically changed time zones? Then you will know and understand what I am on about. And after our 21 hour trip back from the UK, we are shattered.

Brain fog, lethargy, muscle aches, sore heads, the desire to sleep every moment of the day apart from when you should actually be asleep… yep I could go on and on with the side effects.

So I thought this week I would bring you 5 top tips on how to battle jetlag- both before, during and after your flight. Some of these tips I know and love. Some of these tips are recommendations I have been given and some, well, some are simply things I wish I could go back one week and do myself as I just know I would be feeling so much better if I did! You know me, always open and honest with you!

So let’s get to it!


Set your clock to the time of your destination

Mentally prepare your body for where it is going. Change the time on your watch so you can work around that. It may seem odd at first but it will help you acclimatise to your destination so much quicker.

Base your sleeping patterns off your destination time

In conjunction with the above, work out when you will be sleeping on the flight before you fly, applicable mostly to long haul. When your destination sleeps, you sleep. When your destination is awake, you stay awake. This can be very tricky to do but it is key to surviving the dreaded jetlag. We slept on the second leg of our journey only to arrive home in Perth, 2am, wide awake…

Bye bye caffeine and alcohol

Especially on the plane! This may sound harsh but let’s face it, airplane coffee tastes dreadful so you ain’t missing much here anyway and unless you are living the high life in first class, the alcohol (even the free stuff) isn’t much to write home about. Let your body work out what is going on naturally – sleep and sunlight are your friends.

If you are trying to recover from jetlag and are struggling to stay awake use caffeine in small amounts and only before midday. That way the caffeine can work it’s way out of your system before you try to go to bed and sleep.

Try and do some exercise when you land/ get out in the sunshine

Movement, and movement in the sunshine at that, will help revive you and keep you …



Hi all,

I am surrounded by folks every day, both in person and online, who are sporty. Some are CrossFitters but many do a variety of other sports, including home workouts. It’s fantastic to see and very inspiring!

I also spend a lot of time looking at behaviours, habits and how this affects a persons overall health within my job. We can all see how a bad habit, such as smoking, affects a persons health in a negative manner. No one can deny that. But what happens when you suspect that a persons seemingly good and healthy habit is cause for concern. That their fitness habit is just too much.

For this weeks 5 top tips on a Tuesday I want to get you thinking about your own personal fitness and whether or not it delves into the ‘too much’ category.



First and foremost we have to realise that one persons ‘too much’ will differ to another. You may need more time off during the week, you may have other stressors in your life, this person you compare yourself too may come from a sports background and so on and so forth. You need to focus on what is right for you and not compare yourself to another. It’s perfectly fine to need more time off. It’s perfectly fine to have other priorities. Just because someone in your gym or on Instagram works out 5 times a week does not mean they are at peak physical health nor does it mean you should work out to those time frames too.

Read your warning signs

Feeling sluggish throughout the day? Constant muscle soreness? Never quite catching up with sleep? Coffee and alcohol your best friend? Getting injury after injury? These are your warning signs. No, it’s not right to always be sore or tired. That’s not why you workout, you workout to be healthy. And if your not feeling healthy then maybe it’s time to reflect on what you do at the gym and take a step back. Sleep, stress, diet and the relationships you have in your life are other areas that require constant attention and reflection.

Mind set

Love those endorphins? Love being with your gym friends and sweating together? Feel like you miss out or yearn for it if you can’t make it? Maybe a little too much? We all laugh about FOMO (fear of missing out) but what is it your body actually needs. Another killer workout? Or do you actually just need a big dose of happiness and company? This is a big area that’s complex enough for me to write many posts on but …